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Example Answers to Exam on Organization and Leadership - Free Essay Example

In what way have Rossi and Matheson shown an ability to identify an opportunity? A creative characteristic is that someone can spot opportunities that other people overlook. Opportunity seeking is associated with entrepreneurial leadership because the entrepreneur might build an organization around an unmet consumers need (DuBrin, 2010, pp.363). The idea behind the DirtMarket arose when Rossi in 1999 as a manager for a commercial construction company realized how much time and effort went into handling dirt and contractors had to spend a lot of their precious time and money in searching and contacting brokers to find dirt or a place to dump it. Getting rid of dirt was a difficult task that required calling a lot of different people, many of whom werent the most scrupulous, (DuBrin, 2010, pp.376). Rossi Matheson by using the intrinsic motivation principle of creativity: people will be at their creative best when they feel motivated primarily by the interest, satisfaction and challenge of the work itself and not by external pressures. It was so engrossing and enjoyable experience that the task becomes worth doing for its own sake regardless of the external consequences (DuBrin, 2010, pp.355). The componential theory of individual creativity developed by Amabile can be used to analyse Rossi Matheson ability to identify an opportunity in dirt Market. According to this theory, creativity takes place when three components join together: expertise, creative-thinking skill, and task motivation (DuBrin, 2010, pp.355). Expertise refers to the necessary knowledge which Rossi and Matheson have to put facts together. Creative-thin king skill refers to the ability to imaginatively approach problems. By creative thinking both Rossi and Matheson use their ability to solve the problems faced by the contractors they have connected those dirt buyers and sellers at one place. DirtMarket idea initially arose in Rossi mind and he motivated her wife Matheson to fulfill it. According to DuBrin, finally, task motivation refers to preserving, or sticking with problem to a conclusion, which is essential for finding creative solutions. A few rest breaks to gain a fresh perspective may be helpful, but the creative person keeps coming back until a solution emerges (DuBrin, 2010, pp.356). DirtMarkets opportunity has evolved into a small industry, serving the needs of millions of workers in the era of global business. The end product of DirtMarkets creative thinking was a business possibility rather than an invention (DuBrin, 2010, pp.351). Q.1.2 In what way have the operators of DirtMarket overcome traditional mental sets, or thought outside the box? The concept of traditional thinking is relative but it generally refers to a standard and frequent way of finding a solution to a problem. A traditional solution to a problem is thus a modal or most frequent solution. The creative person looks at problems in a new light and transcends conventional thinking about them. Rossi Matheson at Dirt Market business were known for their creative problem-solving ability. The central task in becoming creative is to break down rigid thinking that blocks new ideas (DuBrin, 2010, pp.356). Overcoming traditional thinking is so important to creative thinking that the process has been characterized in several different ways. The most familiar is that a creative person thinks outside the box. A box in this sense is a category that confines and restricts thinking. Because you are confined to a box, you do not see opportunities outside the box (DuBrin, 2010, pp.357). Talking to others is a good way to get ideas, yet at some point the creative problem solver has to work alone and concentrate (DuBrin, 2010, pp.354). A well-accepted model of creativity can be applied to organizations (DuBrin, 2010, pp.349). Creativity is often referred to as a numbers game, because the more ideas you try, the greater the probability of finding one that works (DuBrin, 2010, pp.358). For example Rossi as construction company manager Matheson who has Ph.D. in computer science and master in business administration, they pick the idea from the dirt handling problem faced by contractors traditionally they were used to make several of phone calls to find dirt or a place to dump it can instead make a single call to Dirt Marker. To handle conventional thinking they thought a website, building a local search engine would be a good way to link dirt buyers and sellers. In some respects they were ahead of their time. But unfortunately contractors did not embrace the site. Most did not even have email, says Rossi. As per DuBrin, 2010 many product innovations had their origins in flops and failures because somebody was perceptive enough to recognize the new possibilities that emerged from the setback. To overcome this traditional mental set they started directly matching contractors who pay them to remove the dirt with those who pay them to find it. Dirt Market takes a cut on both sides of the transaction, with good profit margins averaging around 25 percent. By thinking outside the box in 2004, the company spotted another niche. When a project involves a lot of excavation, a construction company typically hires an engineering firm to remove dirt from the site, which can account for as much as 75 percent of a projects cost. So DirtMarket started an engineering contracting division that oversees a project, including hiring an engineering firm, handling the digging and removing the dirt. About 80 percent of the company,s revenues now comes from this division, which it markets primarily by word of mouth. Says Rossi, We have a lot of rep eat customers. (DuBrin, 2010, pp.376 377). According to company website with the existence of Dirt Market usersÂÂ  save tons of time and moneyÂÂ  finding what they need -ÂÂ  where they need it, andÂÂ  when they need itÂÂ  with tens of thousands of construction resources nationwide, and the power to search for construction and excavation materials and resources soil, gravel, sand, construction equipment, services, and more by location and distance (,2011). Q.1.3 To what extent do you think that Mathesons having a Ph.D. in computer science and an M.B.A. helped her become a leader in the dirt business? Matheson degree in Ph.D. helped her in setting up their business on website to direct link buyers and sellers and her MBA degree help her to manage her business in an innovative way. By using E- leadership model they established their business. E- Leadership is a form of leadership practiced in a context where is mediated by information technology. The focus of leadership shifts from individuals to networks of relationships because the internet facilitates connecting so many people. E- Leadership could, therefore, encompass any activity undertaken by a leader when the internet connects people (DuBrin, 2010, pp.266). So Matheson by practically using her computer and management techniques established a modern business of her time. Her degree in computer science helps her to develop software to link the dirt sellers and buyers keeping in mind the DirtMarkets business aspects. MBA degree gives her expertise about the marketing, organization strategy and human resource management to run the DirtMarket. Due to these both degrees she becomes a leader in the dirt business. Q.1.4 What might be a possible threat from the external environment that could hurt the business model of DirtMarket? As DirtMarket is an innovative small business of his time. Due to their expertise they established their business through website they try to link their customer online, but unfortunately most the contractors and brokers dont have much computer know how. This may be threat to their business. There are a lot of big construction companies in the market they can set up their own network for dirt, they become competitors. Q.1.5 To try out your creative thinking today, make up a joke about Dirtmarket. (In this case, dirty jokes are welcome.) Joking and kidding might be interpreted either as dishonest or as extraordinarily tactful (DuBrin, 2010, pp.242). My Joke for the DirtMarket business is that Dave Rossi is very clever person and her wife Matheson was a modern and strange. She often had gone outside naked or with very short clothes in search of job/work. At evening when she comes back, Rossi in smiling face oh my sweet you have lot of dirt on your beautiful body what happen with you day after day but you look too beautiful and attractive Matheson told him you consider me a dirt factory. Rossi says to her no my darling dirt (wife) I love dirt, I want dirt, I eat dirt and dirt is my life as you my wife. Matheson to her husband oh! Dirty man thanks you understand me, I am your DirtMarket. Q. No.2 Discuss and describe in detail what leaders can do to foster an ethical and socially responsible organization. (If you want to relate to your own situation, or to a leader that you have read about or heard about, that is fine.) Use concepts from DuBrin, preferably also from other chapters than chapter 6. Ethics and values in todays turbulent world are present at a number of levels for leaders. This leading process of ethical value creation was due to their time and energy devotion. The following list provides a framework for developing ethical leadership (Freeman R. E. and Stewart L., 2006). It is based on readings concepts from DuBrin and popular business article literature. Written from the perspective of the leader, these facets of ethical leaders offer a way to understand ethical leadership. I shall try to focus here the initiatives that a leader can take to foster social responsibility, as well as create an organizational culture that encourage ethical behavior, discussed as under (DuBrin, 2010: pp.180): Social Awareness It is necessary for the social leader to care about emotions of others. As DuBrin, 2010 discussed that socially aware leaders go beyond sensing the emotions of others by showing they care (DuBrin, 2010: Ch.2, pp.45). Socialized Power Motive Socially responsible leaders use their powers to achieve company goals. DuBrin, 2010 attempted to describe here that leaders with a socialized power motive use power primarily to achieve organizational goals or a vision. Leaders with socialized power motives tend to be more emotionally mature than leaders with personalized power motives (DuBrin, 2010: Ch.2, pp.49). Socialized Charismatic These social leaders dont use their power for others benefits. DuBrin, discussed this as a socialized charismatic is a leader who restrains the use of power in order to benefit others. This type of leader attempts to bring group members values in lines with his or her values (DuBrin, 2010: Ch.3, pp.71). Adaptability to the situation A social leader under the situation and adapt himself ethically accordingly. DuBrin, explained this as effective leaders adapt to the situation. Adaptability reflects the contingency viewpoint; tactic is chosen based on the unique circumstances at hand. (DuBrin 2010, Ch.4 pp. 101). Creating a Pleasant Workplace A successful leader in an organization is capable of being develop pleasant working environment for employees. According to DuBrin a social responsibility initiative that directly affects employees well-being is create a comfortable, pleasant, and intellectually stimulating work environment. Because many people invest about one-third of their time at work, a pleasant work environment increases the chances that their life will be enriched (DuBrin, 2010: pp.181). Articulate and embody the purpose and values of the organization. It is good way adopted by leaders to tell ethical values in morally true stories. Freeman R. E. and Stewart L., 2006 had discussed that ethical leaders must also embody and live the story and it is important for leaders to tell a compelling and morally rich story. This is a difficult task in todays business environment where everyone lives in a fishbowl-on public display. Helping Build a Sustainable Environment To preserve sustainable external environment by leaders is compulsory for sustainable organization. As DuBrin, 2010 attempts that socially responsible leaders influence others to sustain and preserve the external environment through a variety of actions that go beyond mandatory environmental controls such as managing toxic waste. Engaging in Philanthropy To donate money to various charities and welfare organization is an important component of socially responsible organization. DuBrin, 2010 discussed that a standard organizational leadership approach to social responsibility is to donate money to charity and various other causes. Most charities are heavily dependent on corporate support, Colleges, universities, and career schools also benefit from corporate donations. Many of the leading philanthropists donate money during their lifetime rather than giving through their estates. The most striking example is Bill and Melinda Gates of Microsoft, who formed their own foundation whose primary aims globally are to reduce extreme poverty, combat AIDS, and vaccinate children against illnesses(DuBrin, 2010: pp.183). Find the best people and develop them. Ethically responsible leader prefer integrity than experience and skills of hiring people for organization leadership. This was explained by Freeman R. E. and Stewart L., 2006 that ethical leaders pay special attention to finding and developing the best people precisely because they see it as a moral imperative-helping them to lead better lives that create more value for themselves and for others. Finding the best people involves taking ethics and character into account in the selection process. Working with Suppliers to improve Working Conditions To develop good working environment for suppliers in an organization is an important characteristics of socially responsible leader. DuBrin, 2010 attempted to discuss that an opportunity for practicing social responsibility is for company leaders to work with suppliers to improve physical and mental working conditions. Helping suppliers to improve working conditions has been conceptualized as corporations being vehicles for positive social change-yet another way of demonstrating corporate social responsibility. Gap Inc, took a major initiative to begin improving working conditions at suppliers (DuBrin, 2010: pp.184). Establishing Written Codes of Ethical Conduct Ethically responsible leader maintains written codes of conducts and assures that everyone in the organization is well aware of these. According to DuBrin, 2010 that many organizations use written codes of conduct as guidelines for ethical and socially responsible behavior. Such guidelines continue to grow in importance because workers in self-managing teams have less leadership than previously. A written code of conduct is more likely to influence behavior when both formal and informal leaders throughout the firm refer to it frequently. Furthermore, adherence to the code must be rewarded, and violation of the code should be punished (DuBrin, 2010: pp.185). Developing Formal Mechanisms for Dealing with Ethical Problems To handle ethical problem in an organization leaders usually adopt formal procedures for its ratification. DuBrin, 2010 had reported here that many large organizations frequently establish ethics committees to help ensure ethical and socially responsible behavior. The committee establishes policies about ethics and social responsibility and may conduct an ethical audit of the firms activities. In addition, committee members might review complaints about ethical problems (DuBrin, 2010: pp.186). Accepting Whistleblowers A whistleblower is an employee who discloses organizational wrongdoing to parties who can take action. So it is important for leaders at all levels to create a comfortable climate for legitimate whistleblowing. The leader needs to sort out the difference between a troublemaker and a true whistleblower. Being a whistleblower requires a small act of leadership, in the sense of taking the initiative to bring about change. However, the organization turned in might not think the change is constructive (DuBrin, 2010: pp.186). Providing Training in Ethics and Social Responsibility An ethically and socially responsible leader ensures training for employees in an organization. DuBrin, 2010 discussed that forms of ethics training include messages about ethics and social responsibility from company leadership, classes on ethics at colleges, and exercises in ethics. These training programs reinforce the idea that ethically and socially responsible behavior is both morally right and good for business. Placing Company interests over Personal Interests Ethically responsible leader ensured to organization that all the time company interests are dominated over personal interests. Many ethical violations, such as senior managers voting themselves outrageous compensation, stem from managers placing their personal interests over the welfare of the company and other employees (DuBrin, 2010: pp.187). It can be concluded from my above discussion that ethically and socially responsible leader is really a main pillar to develop an organization. He never prefers his personal interests over company worth. He develops a framework for an organization and ensured its smooth functioning for its ethical and social welfare. Q.No.3 Discuss and describe in detail the concepts and models from DuBrin that you think will have the greatest impact on your present (or future) leadership. Explain why you see these models as the most important ones. (NB that this does not require holding a management position. Leadership is exercised in all social settings.) Solution Within an organization leadershipÂÂ  models are structured approaches for decision making and to provide effective guidance. Different types ofÂÂ  leadership proponents over the years have developed programs at different models categorizing explaining certain models when and where are likely to function best for a given situation. From time to time the names of theseÂÂ  leadership stylesÂÂ  changes differently, they all revolve around the basic factors of ongoing process of encouraging the development of future leaders for the organization, decision making, and recognition of the skills of team players(, 2011). A major point about leadership is that it is not found only among people in high-level positions. Leadership is needed at all levels in an organization can be practiced to some extent even by a person not assigned to a formal leadership position. The ability to lead others effectively is a rare quality (DuBrin, 2010, pp.3). Here I shall attemp t to highlight some models and concepts discuss by the Dubrin to be or will have greatest impact on my present or future leadership style. I feel these models or things that I need and found them lacking to my personality: Situational Leadership Model: It was developed by Blanchard K. H. and his colleagues, explains how to match leadership style to the capabilities of group members on a given task. For example, someone might need less guidance from a supervisor when you are skilled in a task than when you are performing a new task (DuBrin, 2010, pp.142). I thought this will help me in my future job as manager in any organization since; It emphasizes on identifying the immediate need in a given set of circumstances. It will help me to choose actions to produce most likely desired result. I shall choose to keep communication on a one-way basis. It will help me to provide instructions without seeking feedback from employees. (, 2011). ÂÂ  Transformational Leadership Model: It focuses on what the leader accomplishes yet still pays attention to the leaders personal characteristics and his or her relationship with group members. The transformational leader helps bring about major positive changes by moving group, organization or society (DuBrin, 2010, pp.83). This leadership concept will help me in the following way. It emphasizes on the needs and potential of employees. It will help to promote within the group stimulation of both creativity and intellectual enhancement. In this approach all the group members encourage and share information and experiences among themselves. These leaders know that achieving the goals of the company is more likely when employees are challenged. They have opportunities to advance and receive what they need to be successful as individuals as well as part of a team (, 2011). Transactional Leadership Model: It focuses on more routine transactions, rewarding group members for meeting standards (contingent reinforcement) (DuBrin, 2010, pp.83). It can be explained that transactional leadership is prone towards well-developed structures with well-defined rewards and punishment(, 2011). It will guide me to understand that organizational culture is one of strict controls within which promotions are handed out for superior performance. Punishment is given for lack of performance or rules violation. (, 2011). ÂÂ  Participative Leadership Model: It deals with group members to gather their suggestions, and then considers these suggestions seriously when making a decision. It best suited for improving the morale of well-motivated employees who perform non-repetitive tasks (DuBrin, 2010, pp.141). It will guide me that more participation will lead to greater ownership in the mission of the company (, 2011). Charismatic Leadership Model: The various definitions of charisma have a unifying theme. Charisma is a positive and compelling quality of a person that makes many others wants to be led by that person (DuBrin, 2010, pp.68). I may be use since it characterized by big personalities. To know those who love the limelight. Where the noted points of personalities and limelight are focal point of the organization. And when often leaves they a large void when they depart. WICS Leadership Model: It is a leadership model that gives the opportunity in understanding leadership as a set of decision processes which embodies Wisdom, intelligence and creativity, along with other higher cognitive processes (DuBrin, 2010:56-57). It will be important to me for its great combination of three cognitive factors that help the leaders to take a good decision. It provides the right information at right time with right collaboration. It is a good approach to handle any uncertain situation. It will help me to think towards right direction. It will assist me in generating new ideas. It is important to conclude that there is no one rightÂÂ  leadershipÂÂ  modelÂÂ  that covers all situations. Leaders often called upon to make use of a certainÂÂ  modelÂÂ   according to the available conditions to lead organization successfully.

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MBA Essay Samples - Writing About Your Program

MBA Essay Samples - Writing About Your ProgramCarnegie Mellon University offers the Master of Business Administration degree, a degree that can be attained by most individuals who have an interest in business. The MBA requires strong business and management skills that are developed through extensive study in both areas of study, but one must also have an aptitude for learning because the classes required for the degree are lengthy and arduous.However, with the help of college and university resources available on the Internet, one can easily master these subjects without having to worry about the class time. The online resources will not only teach you the concepts that are used in the MBA program, but they will also help you learn how to apply those concepts. However, these resources are far from free and for that reason, some students hesitate from pursuing the degree. Here are several areas that one can apply his or her MBA essay samples to.The course data or the curriculum is th e heart of any curriculum and it is where the students will spend their time. In order to get this topic right, the student has to analyze his or her own experience and make an assessment of what is the most relevant information about the subject. In order to decide on what you want to write, take into consideration how long you have been working with the subjects and make sure that it fits into the topics that the professor gives. Do not start your article with an objective statement, because in most cases the professor will direct you to do so. Always find out what the professor is trying to convey to you through his or her lecture.The next step is to start writing an article based on the points mentioned above. Of course, you have to determine your level of familiarity with the topics as the professor will guide you on this matter. Once you are done with your article, put in as much details as possible about the course content, rather than just quoting the specific classes in a s hort summary.For those who aspire to pursue a career in business, the bachelor's degree in business is the perfect path to make your choice in completing the MBA. On the other hand, those who choose the MBA in accounting will be more familiar with financial and accounting problems. However, the essays for the two degrees are very different in terms of content.The MBA in business and accounting are very similar in content and the way how to write about them is almost the same. For this reason, when taking this course, a lot of people pick up how to write an essay in college. However, students will find that the amount of time required for each course is just too great, to allow them to accomplish all the assignments required for the programs.If you do not want to apply yourself in writing the essays for your business or accounting degree, there are online universities that offer MBA courses and there are also some good resources available for those who want to take courses online. Yo u may have to pay some extra fee in order to access the online resources. However, the benefit is that you can get the needed amount of coursework done at your own pace without the need to submit anything for a final exam.

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Questions On Employment Law Questions - 934 Words

Employment law questions Name Professor Institution Course Name As an employer, there are several ways of preventing harassment of workers on bases of the race they belong to. This can be by adopting strong anti-harassment policy. This should be clear to the workers and very strict measures being put against those who fall in the case. Periodically, training employees on the impacts of racial segregation is also very essential thus making them aware of the harassments and their impacts. Employers should also make sure they follow and enforce the policies they come up with. The policy should compose the following; The policy should clearly show the prohibited contacts which are taken to be racial harassments. There should also be†¦show more content†¦Citizenship is a legal status for practical and legal purposes that rests over nationality. The criterion for citizenship varies much from a country to another. In many countries framework, citizenship is legal status and this is specified in specific statutes. There are several citizenship types in the frameworks of different countries, each with their unique requirements of transmissibility, registration, and naturalization. The authorities which are responsible for the area of law have wide discretionary power to statutory interpretation of people’s citizenship of different parts of the law and its related Acts. Citizenship can be acquired by nonmembers of a country from other countries. This is done through registration. It is however temporal and not permanent. Citizenship can also be double. A single person can have citizenship in two countries. National origin however cannot be shared. A person is only entitled to a single national origin. Gender stereotyping Gender stereotyping is an act of presenting or essential zed concept on attributes of the males and females and the roles that they play. Common stereotype is that females emotional while the males are rational. Other stereotype are that females should play domestic roles such as being a housewife who should take care of

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How to Reveal Invisible Ink Messages

Most invisible ink messages can be revealed by heating the paper on which they are written. The ink weakens the fibers in the paper so the message discolors (burns) before the rest of the paper. The real secret, aside from the message, is how to reveal it without setting your paper on fire. Tip: Dont use a lighter, match, or open fire to reveal your invisible ink message. You can lay the paper over an incandescent light bulb with fairly good results, but it is hard to tell if your paper is hot enough, so you may not know whether your paper is blank or whether you just cant see the message. Better Methods You can iron your paper, but dont use steam. This is probably the best method. A hot iron for your hair also works. Another simple method is to wave the paper over a hot stove. If you have a secret invisible ink message, youll start to see some distortion of the paper as it gets hot. If you continue heating the paper, the message will darken to a gold or brown color. If you use a stove, its still possible to ignite your message, but it is a lot less likely than if you used fire. Writing Instrument, Ink Try using a broken toothpick as a pen and saliva or lemon juice as ink. You can even use plain water to write the message. The message wont darken, but when you first heat the paper the fibers that were moved when the paper absorbed the water will bulge out a bit.

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Hazing Of Hazing And Hazing - 1517 Words

Position Statement: Hazing Kappa Kappa Gamma recognizes the inherent dangers of hazing. Accordingly, Kappa Kappa Gamma strictly prohibits any form of hazing, which the Fraternity broadly defines as any activity or action taken with or without consent of the individual involved that produces mental, emotional, psychological or physical discomfort, intimidation, humiliation, degradation, embarrassment, harassment or ridicule. In addition to the Fraternity’s hazing policy, members are reminded that they are also subject to local, state/provincial, and federal law and the rules and regulations of the college or university where a Kappa Kappa Gamma chapter is located. Any member who participates in or permits hazing, as defined by Fraternity†¦show more content†¦Further, any Kappa-sponsored or co-sponsored event must be in compliance with the law and Kappa’s risk management procedures, and are strictly limited to members and their guests. Members engaging in the ill egal use or misuse of alcohol, including misuse for violating the prohibitions listed above, may be subject to dismissal or other disciplinary action. All members receive education about alcohol consumption through GreekLifeEDU, which is required as part of the New Member Experience. Kappa also provides the Alcohol Skills Training Program (ASTP) to all chapters on a rotating basis. We want to generate an understanding that promotes responsible behavior as a participant, friend and sister. In an effort to minimize negative consequences, ASTP educates members about the effects of alcohol on their bodies and promotes awareness about the risks associated with drinking. Our new chapter at Bentley would receive this program within one year of establishment. If desired, ASTP could be facilitated for the entire Panhellenic community. keyinfo no. 5, continued Position Statement: Substance Abuse Kappa Kappa Gamma recognizes the inherent dangers of substance abuse. As such, all Kappa Kappa Gam ma chapter facilities are drug-free. The use, sale, purchase or possession of any drugs or other controlled substance in violation of local, state or federal law is prohibited. Members not adhering to thisShow MoreRelatedHazing And The Hazing Act Of 2003828 Words   |  4 PagesHazing has been around for a while and it seems as if it won’t go away anytime soon. Hazing is defined as â€Å"any assumption of authority by a student whereby another student suffers or is exposed to any cruelty, intimidation, humiliation, embarrassment, hardship or oppression or is required to perform exercises to excess, to become sleep deprived, to commit dangerous activities, to curry favor from those in power, to submit to physical assaults, to consume offensive foods or alcohol, the threat ofRead MoreHazing : Hazing And Its Effects1105 Words   |  5 PagesDecember 5, 2015 HAZING Hazing has become a very popular in teens and young adults in colleges and sport activities in recent years. Hazing is the practice of rituals and other activities involving harassment, abuse or humiliation used as a way of initiating a person into a group ( Hazing occurs in athletics and Greek-letter organizations, and includes behaviors that are abusive, dangerous, and potentially illegal ( Many people think that hazing is just playingRead MoreCollege Hazing1417 Words   |  6 PagesBlake Hampton Mr. Coleman English-102 April 16, 2009 College Hazing Students come into college wanting to have fun and to meet new people. There is no better way to interact and find new friends than to join a fraternity. Fraternities come with a high cost though. Hazing is one of the biggest concerns on college campuses these days. Hazing in universities across the nation has become an increasingly dangerous ritual that is seemingly becoming more difficult to put an end to due to its developmentRead MoreHazing Essay1211 Words   |  5 PagesPreventing Hazing The term hazing has become a huge epidemic in today’s society. Whether it happens in a fraternity, sorority, sport’s team, it’s an issue and it needs to be stopped. Hazing is the imposition of strenuous, often humiliating, tasks as part of a program that could lead to physical and emotional harm and in some instances, death. Every year, college students are injured or even killed due to the events that’s occur during hazing. Just to become a part of a popular group on campus, thingsRead MoreEssay On Hazing1391 Words   |  6 PagesDon’t force yourself to fit in where you don’t belong. When it comes to hazing, many believe that it is nothing more but some witless tricks and inoffensive pranks. However, hazing (humiliating and sometimes dangerous initiation rituals, especially as imposed on college students seeking memberships to a fraternity or sorority) has always been captivated as a secretive college activity when it comes to join fraternities, sororities, military institutions, sport teams and other social groups. TremendouslyRead MoreFraternity Hazing5319 Words   |  22 PagesFraternity Hazing Google App Integrated Collab 1. Hazing (subjecting newcomers to abusive or humiliating tricks and ridicule) has always been seen as a secretive campus activity when it comes to fraternities and pledging. As a result, Dr. Mark Taff resorted in his article that, ..a series of 168 cases of injuries and deaths related to fraternity hazing activities..Read MoreHazing Is Wrong1538 Words   |  7 PagesHazing has always been seen as a secretive campus activity when it comes to fraternities and pledging. A series of many cases of injuries and deaths related to fraternity hazing activities occurred in the United States over periods of time. Young college men are being hospitalized and even worse, dying, just for a couple of friends that give them a sense of belonging. The major causes of hazing are the students wanting a sense of belonging in a big college campus, the colleges infrequent knowledgeRead MoreAn Inside Look at Hazing1366 Words   |  5 PagesAs prevalent as hazing is among male college athletes, many people are surprised by the statistics surroundings this controversial topic. For instance in 1989-1999, of a survey of over 350,000 athletes, 250,000 plus said they had experienced hazing of some sort during their time with their associated team. One in five of these students experienced potentially illegal hazing including binge drinking, sexual acts, and destruction and vandalizing of property. Half of these men were involved in drinkingRead MoreHazing And Its Effect On Society Essay1917 Words   |  8 PagesHazing is defined as the practice of rituals, challenges, and other activities involving harassment, abuse, or humiliation used as a way of initiating a person into a group. There are many different social settings that hazing has been used. This includes gangs, sports teams, schools, fraternities, sororities, and even the military. It is very popular in these social groups because it is used as a way making newcomers earn their right to be part of the group. Sometimes it is used as a team building/bondingRead MoreHazing Research Paper1822 Words   |  8 PagesHazing: Does It Exist and How Is It Being Prevented? Often times hazing is a big problem we see occurring in our society. Whether it is occurring within a sports team, sorority, school, friends, or even a group of co-workers, we hear about it on a relatively frequent basis. Often times hazing stories are justified by the person committing the act of hazing and over dramatized by the media. Conducting a full study on whether hazing actually exists and the multiple ways it exists can help members

Annotated Bibliography On Mobile Development Essay

Overview of Mobile Development in Africa 1. What are some of the advantages of mobile devices that help residents of sub-Saharan Africa to better receive information and facilitate communication? There are several advantages of mobile devices that help residents of sub-Saharan Africa to better receive information and facilitate communication. With the low-cost, rapid adoption of mobile phones, search costs to visit markets to compare prices and products have decreased dramatically. Residents can call markets or friends to obtain information about said prices and products immediately, instead of waiting for information via radio broadcast or conducting a person visit – which can be both time and cost intensive. In this way, they are also becoming active (instead of passive) participants in knowledge accumulation and transfer, as they can retrieve and communicate information from and to various sources. Additionally, this increased communication can improve business efficiency, especially in terms of smaller firms. Oft en situated in rural areas, these smaller firms in sub-Saharan Africa have limited supply options. With improved, efficient communication, they can better manage their supply chains, engage in new activities, and even streamline production processes. This is pertinent in terms of enriched productivity, stimulating both firm and economic growth in the long-run. By extension of this productivity facet, and the growth of mobile devices, there is a higher demandShow MoreRelatedEssay about Annotated Bibliography on Information Technology768 Words   |  4 PagesAnnotated Bibliography on Information Technology Mobile Security in the Future Adesina, A. O., Agbele, K. K., Februarie, R., Abidoye, A. P., amp; Nyongesa, H. O. (2011). Ensuring the security and privacy of information in mobile health-care communication systems. South African Journal of Science, 107(9), 26-32. This research article examines the security concerns of using mobile technology systems in health care institution. Various methods of ensuring privacy and security of patient’sRead MoreTop Three Trends in your profession and associated industry Annotated Bibliography1499 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿Briana Berry Week 4 February 16,2015 Top Three Trends in your profession and associated industry-Annotated Bibliography The top three trends in the Cyber Security field are salary, career advancement, and the need for predictions of the future in how information is exchanged. Cyber-crimes are becoming more popular and because of the many attacks that are happening much more frequently it has caused for a higher demand in cyber security professionals. Companies spend millions of dollars to correctRead MoreMobile Phones Changed The Way Of Communication And Life Style1614 Words   |  7 PagesZhenLiang Sun, QiHui Wang Professor Measles English 1010, Annotated Bibliography 14 November 2015 introduction In the high-tech world, it is common sense that the cellphone has been playing an essential and indispensable role in our daily life. The mobile phones change the way of communication and life-style. people can get many other benefits from it such as games, camera, business. Therefore, it can be found that cellphones are used among people of all ages. Hardly can we image that without cellphonesRead MoreEssay about Distant Education: Online Learning1565 Words   |  7 PagesThe development in the information technology during the recent past has increased the overall ability and the reach of the people to the education. For this reason the areas of the online learning are improving to a great extent especially for the high school students. As a result of these improvements and developments, the distant leaning has become an alternative to the schools or colleges (Orgunleye, A. 2013). The distant learning has helped the people who were not able to study because of distanceRead MoreJus t What Exactly Is The Powered Exoskeleton?1652 Words   |  7 Pagesthat interested me was Powered Exoskeleton. I think that the Powered Exoskeleton is one of the emerging technologies and the benefits of the technology made me choose it as the topic for the emerging technologies project. Various research and development is being done on this technology by various organizations. The use of powered exoskeleton will be able to eliminate the use of wheelchairs and other equipment that have been used for so long. There are various potential applications for the poweredRead MoreThe Effect of Racism in Toronto1274 Words   |  5 Pagesopinions and ways of life. Racism is intolerable in our society today and we need to make every effort to cut down on this phenomenon. Annotated Bibliography 1. Michael J. Doucet (1999). Bibliography on Immigration and Settlement in the Toronto Area. Available at: Sumamry: â€Å"Items in this bibliography cover the entire history of Toronto and include all ethnic and racial groups, including such institutions as the Orange Order. ForRead MoreAnnotated Bibliography: Internal Control for Information Security1614 Words   |  7 PagesInternal Control for Information Security: Annotated Bibliography Making the case for Network Security. (2012, Apr 19). Retrieved from Wikibon Blog: This author addresses the central concerns regarding information security in the modern business world using broad strokes to make the importance of network security as a key business operation readily apparent to the reader. As the article is addressed primarily on business managers andRead MoreWalmarts 2012 Annual Report558 Words   |  2 PagesAnnotated Bibliography Wal-Marts 2012 Annual Report (Duke, 2012) Wal-Marts culture has built on a common purpose which is to save people money so that they can live better. This philosophy has allowed Wal-Mart to reinvent retail. Today Wal-Mart operates more than 10,000 retail units under 69 different banners in 27 countries and employees 2 million associates who serve 200 million customers and members every week (Duke, 2012). Wal-Mart has continued growing through acquiring new retail spacesRead MoreAnnotated Bibliography: Current Trends in Technology Based Learning1210 Words   |  5 PagesAbstract There are many trends in technology-based learning. These trends include mobile-based learning, app learning, open content, massive open online courses (MOOCs), virtual education, video conferencing, Web 2.0, district based e-learning, personal learning environments, blended learning, proctored exams, bundled platforms, cloud computing, object-oriented content, interactive whiteboards, documents cameras, wireless labs, and bring your own device. The first article Massive Open OnlineRead MoreBig Data Is An Emerging Term1674 Words   |  7 Pages2015). The deï ¬ nition of big data is a matter of debate, however, a typical reference is to the collection, management, and analysis of massive amounts of data (McNeely Hahm, 2014).According to George et. al. (2014), big data include Internet clicks, mobile transactions, user-generated content, and social media and content from sensor networks or business transactions, such as sales queries and purchase transactions. These procedures are significant to our life and society. Due to high-volume(huge amount

Doctor Faustus Macbeth Compare and Contrast Essay free essay sample

Giovanni Fernandez Drama 16A Per. 3Red In both plays Macbeth and Doctor Faustus there are many different techniques used, but there are also many of the same types of dramatic styles. Macbeth is more of a villain tragedy that only has hints of comedy at intervals to take short breaks from the tragedy. On the other hand Doctor Faustus is a dramatic mixture of comedy and tragedy. Both of these plays however, contain the element of greed and show how it conquers people. Not many elements actually make theses plays similar but a lot of them make them extremely different. In Macbeth, unlike Doctor Faustus, there are many dramatic events leading to even more dramatic ending. This play focuses more on man’s dark desires rather than their normal aspirations. Although both plays were created around the same time they both seem to be very different types of drama from the same Elizabethan time period. We will write a custom essay sample on Doctor Faustus Macbeth Compare and Contrast Essay or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Macbeth, being a villain tragedy, balances aggressive behavior and Christian beliefs while Doctor Faustus focuses solely on the main character. In â€Å"Macbeth† we also see that he is not entirely the main character as many other characters are given great power over him. Many elements of this play differ in many ways from those in â€Å"Doctor Faustus. † Doctor Faustus is a more detailed and focused play than Macbeth in many ways. This play’s main focus is how man is always trying to have more than he already has. Unlike the villain tragedy â€Å"Macbeth†, Doctor Faustus’s whole plot revolves around one character. The character of Faustus is very different from Macbeth because through Faustus’ search for more and more knowledge he does not intend to harm anyone to get there, but Macbeth is willing to put anyone’s life in danger to get the power that he wants. While the whole plot of â€Å"Doctor Faustus† revolves around Faustus, the plot of â€Å"Macbeth† slowly changes from revolving around Macbeth to Malcom and Macduff. Christopher Marlowe’s style of writing also differs from Shakespeare’s because Marlowe creates more detail and does not focus on any other characters too much so that he can have the entire play revolve around the main character. The styles of writing are extremely different when comparing the plays â€Å"Macbeth† and â€Å"Doctor Faustus. On the other hand many of the same techniques are used to form characters personalities and to themes in these two plays. In both â€Å"Macbeth† and â€Å"Doctor Faustus† both playwrights make their main characters eager for more and willing to almost anything to get what they want. Both playwrights also balance the church into their plays by including witchcraft, but in the end of both plays the outcome is never good for the characters who promoted the evil witchcraft. This is to show that witchcraft is bad and that the church prevails over all. These two plays not only share religious morale but they also share very similar themes. Both plays have the theme that greed can consume any man, and if you let it consume you then you are sure to suffer a terrible fate for it. These plays shared many of the same ideas put into themes, characters, and some areas of the plots. Many elements such as greed and witchcraft made both of these plays similar in many ways but also different. These two plays came the same time period and yet somehow manage to be different in many ways. Macbeth is a villain tragedy, while Doctor Faustus is a blend of comedy and tragedy. Shakespeare and Marlowe both create such amazing characters that both seem to be very different and also similar at the same time. These two plays can be interpreted in many ways. Some may say they are completely different, while others say they are almost the same. To me both of these plays may share few elements but are both extremely different.